FALL 2013

DIPG Documentary is in Development

Standing with Hope is in Development



Watch Hope Banghart in this slideshow of her journey.






The West of Main Documentay was three months in the making. The goal of this project was to raise pride for South Bend's West Side.





This video is a South Bend Parks Department promo. This is a good glimpse at their Conservatory located on Mishawaka Avenue.




Meaningful was key for the VanDosen wedding; a couple hundred yards from their church, this brilliant wedding will be one to remember.





The Edmondson wedding took advantage of everything Best Western had to offer, a beautiful wedding for a beautiful couple.





The Davidsons wedding skillfully crafted this beatiful outside venue. It was no challenge capturing their love for each other.





SPRING 2013 (Part 1)




This large project consisted of a multiple camera setup and required delivery of 200 finished dvds to Illiiana Christian High School.






This campus club promo explains a ministry's mission and influence.







Information was gathered and compiled for this Elos Danlos Syndrome video.






This no-budget music video was shot in South Bend, Indiana. This is where the heart of independent filmmaking is.




SPRING 2013 (Part 2)




This is a midwest musician demo reel: interview and b-roll were shot at a local venue.







In this informative RSD video testimonials were captured with information about the illness.





This event promo is used to sheds light on a group of college students who meet weekly to worship.








A short animation for a local business that provides resources for inventors.






FALL 2012


I was hired as a cameraman for this pilot episode at Ferrar Elementary School.








A quinceañera is both beautiful and heartwarming, coming-of-age moments will never be forgotten.